Our committees love great volunteers - join us! Volunteering is one of the best ways to establish a strong network in the speaking community. Reach out to our Membership Directors to find out which team may be a great fit for you! 

Membership Questions:

Cassandra Worthy [email protected] or Kricket Harrison [email protected]

Other specific questions? 

1. Programs - Angela Buttimer [email protected]

2. Virtual Workshops - Dennis Buttimer [email protected]

3. Finance - Pam Leinmiller [email protected]

4. Messaging + Marketing - [email protected] or Genie Snyder [email protected]

5. Accelerator Program - John Brantley (President) [email protected]

6. ProPath - Richard Hardon [email protected] 

7. Chapter Leadership - John Brantley (President) [email protected] or Laura Davidson (Immediate Past President) [email protected]